Soft Seating

Absolute comfort and durability

Adding informal spaces to the office environment encourages people to socialise and collaborate freely. A comfortable office sofa provides an ideal space for a spontaneous meeting, an inspiring coffee break, temporary tasks such as checking emails or just a few minutes of screen-free time.

ALBA designs and manufactures  precisely hand-upholstered armchairs, sofas and atypical furniture for professional use in informal work environments, reception areas, restaurants and hotels.

ALBA chairs do not require handling with kid gloves

Soft seating will add colour to your workspace and give it a less formal feel. The informal space encourages regular breaks and movement throughout the day and provides the perfect space to host guests, meet informally or just take a short coffee break. The specific feature of ALBA sofas and armchairs is a great variability of materials and functions, so that they are suitable for more demanding environments such as receptions, hotels, meeting rooms, retail and office spaces.

We are able to meet the most specific requirements 

As with ALBA office seating, we can tailor the parameters of our soft seating products to meet your exact requirements,  including requirements for features such as sofa beds for occasional sleeping or preparation for electronic equipment. We offer a range of upholstery fabrics, including premium imitation leather and leather, as well as a choice of frames and materials to give you the optimum seat height, comfort and design.

A contemporary and comfortable seating solution – the RONA range  

The RONA range brings a new sense of relaxation, encouraging people to sit together, talk and develop new ideas. Create environments with a harmonious balance of comfort, aesthetics and functionality. With its curved lines and elegant design, the NORA series offers space for an entirely ergonomic concept.

The inviting, fully upholstered lounge chair impresses with its eye-catching design, comfortably upholstered seat shell and superb craftsmanship
An elegant, fully upholstered two-seater sofa that invites you in with its rounded design, comfortably upholstered seat and superb craftsmanship
Versatile yet cosy, this acoustic sofa creates a sense of privacy and calm and is ideal for open spaces and busy areas
The innovative modular system, which combines functionality, comfort and design, can be easily assembled into any combination
For perfect relaxation, the sturdy upholstered chair has a curved beechwood structure with a light spring action
A practical range of upholstered stools in a timeless and minimalist design

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