Conference and visitor chairs

Even if your guests are only staying for a while, make them feel comfortable

Conference chairs complement our portfolio of seating furniture. They are most often found in meeting rooms, offices, waiting rooms of various institutions, but also in auditoriums and conference halls.

Comfort, durability and functionality are the key features of conference seating. We are well aware that design also plays a major role in the design of conference chairs, which corresponds well with the overall style of the interior. To ensure that the design and shape of the chairs suit the most diverse group of users, our conference chairs are not only ergonomic but also made of highly durable materials.

Different materials for different applications 

Chairs with upholstered seats and backs are the ideal choice for hotels, meeting rooms or conference halls. This is because they provide a higher level of comfort and can be upholstered with the most suitable type of upholstery material. Fabrics with a high abrasion resistance will prove useful in places with high numbers of visitors. For healthcare facilities, we offer upholstered chairs with a special bacteriostatic treatment or other surfaces that are easy to maintain hygienically.

Chairs with a mesh backrest or seat, for example, are low-maintenance and breathe well. Easy washability is an advantage of plastic, wooden or metal chairs and benches, which are suitable for areas with high traffic of people – most often in waiting areas of hospitals or offices, or in canteens. Their biggest advantage is their higher resistance to damage and easy handling. 

High comfort for better concentration  

The comfort level for the seated person is primarily determined by the dimensions and shape of the seat and backrest. The seat of a conference chair should be wide enough to provide sufficient seating space. A rounded front edge is important to reduce pressure on the thighs and allow good blood circulation to the lower limbs. The higher backrest in turn provides better support during long discussions. Sitting comfort greatly affects the ability to concentrate, which is especially important for longer meetings or seminars.

Given the wide range of users of conference chairs, the load capacity and stability of the chair frame must also be considered. Armrests with armpads or, for instance, additional writing pads for taking notes will also provide greater comfort for the users.  

Representative SQUARE conference chairs for the comfort of your guests 

Premium SQUARE chairs with upholstered seat and backrest ensure total comfort in meetings, seminars or waiting rooms. We offer a wide range of upholstery materials in various colors, patterns and with functional features such as extreme abrasion resistance, water repellency and special bacteriostatic finishes suitable for medical facilities. A practical advantage of SQUARE chairs is their stackability, which makes them easy to move and store.

Other popular conference and visitor chairs

Unique, edgy design, huge variety of material combinations and great comfort you’ ll enjoy
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