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We are committed to your absolute comfort, wherever you work

At ALBA, we live and breathe chair manufacturing and we know everything about it. We realise that everyone wants to sit comfortably at work, not just people in offices. That's why we also think about workers in production, workshops or beauty salons.

We design and manufacture chairs with very specific parameters for a wide range of professions. They allow all employees, including workers in supermarkets, laboratories or even musicians, to sit as comfortably as possible during their busy working hours.  

ALBA chairs do not require handling with kid gloves

The specific feature of ALBA work chairs is that they are also suitable for more demanding work environments. They are made from durable and easily maintainable materials and are adapted in every way to the requirements of the workplace for which they are intended. For example, in production facilities where there is a higher risk of rough handling and damage, we use seats and backs made of durable soft polyurethane.

For workplaces where high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are required – for example in healthcare, nursing services, salons or clinics – we upholster our chairs with a special bacteriostatic fabric or medical leatherette. These help to protect the chairs against contamination by biological materials as well as cleaning and disinfecting agents, the regular use of which can damage conventional upholstery.

We do not shy away from specific requirements 

Just as with office seating, we can customize the parameters of our work chairs to match exactly what you expect from them. Do you need a low or extra high piston? No problem! We can produce a chair with a seat height from 40 to over 80 centimetres. And to make it comfortable for you to sit on, our high work chairs have a foot ring for additional support for your feet.

ALBA work chairs are equipped with various types of mechanisms and a number of optional accessories. The basic requirement is an adjustable seat height, which can be easily adjusted, for example, on the MEDIK chair by a circular control accessible from all sides. In these chairs, the user also appreciates the 360° rotatable support, which can be used as an backrest or an armrest when treating a patient.

Exactly the height you need for the job.

Selected models of work chairs for special applications can also be equipped with pistons of different heights. So you can provide chairs for several workplaces with different requirements and work characteristics in one design. At the same time, you still have an equally robust and easy-to-maintain seating solution that is suitable for demanding environments.

Extra high seating on PILOT chair  

Our range includes work chairs with a range of unique features – whether you need high seating with glides, a simple swivel chair for piano or a multifunctional seat for your home office. A very popular choice is the PILOT chair made of black polyurethane. It offers the possibility of extra high seating and, thanks to the materials used, is not only durable but also very easy to maintain.

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