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Work at home as efficiently as in the office

A modern home office is a real challenge for us: it lies on the borderline of the private and the working world, where the wish for comfort and the need for maximum focus meet with the desire to make the chair fit perfectly into your home.

People don’t actually want to have a piece of office space at home. The home-office should be a natural part of your home. This means only one thing – we must fully respect both perspectives when designing these chairs to achieve a perfect result. Elegant design, comfort, sufficient durability and the perfect support to focus on your work – because after all, a home office is more home than an office.

Synchronous mechanism helps activate the movement system

The home-office chair is very likely to be used for purposes other than work. It does not have to have the same parameters or accessories as a chair for a corporate office, but it is essential that it provides the highest possible comfort when sitting. Chairs with asynchronous or PCB mechanisms work well for occasional sitting at home. The more comfortable tilt mechanism allows for a slight tilt and provides comfortable support.

However, for frequent working from home, it is worth investing in a chair with a synchronous mechanism that perfectly meets the requirements for ergonomic and dynamic seating. The seat is flexibly connected to the backrest, allowing the chair to open to a greater angle. This helps to relax the muscles and improve blood circulation in the pelvic area.

Freedom in colour choice

The advantage of buying a task chair for your home is the possibility to choose the design according to your own taste, not the company rules. The home office can be stylishly matched with a suitable colour combination of interior upholstery fabrics, while elegance and a touch of luxury can be added to your home office with a chair covered in premium leather.

Suitable chair accessories ensure absolute comfort

High-quality ergonomic chairs allow individual adjustment of key features – especially the height of the seat and backrest. In addition, our chairs can be equipped with an adjustable lumbar support, which allows the backrest to ideally follow the shape of the spine, including the lumbar area, and reduces pressure on the intervertebral discs.

The armrests help maintain the ideal hand position when typing, but increase the space requirements of the chair. So consider whether you are limited by the amount of space in your work area. The castors themselves also affect movement of the chair – hard castors are better suited for carpets and soft surfaces. On the other hand, on harder vinyl or wood floors rubber castors will protect the surface.

Great comfort when working from home with MANDY

All the parameters of an ergonomic chair for the home office are fulfilled by the very compact mesh chair MANDY. It fits even in smaller spaces and offers a really great comfort. The rounded backrest with integrated lumbar support provides relief for your back and the synchronous mechanism ensures absolute comfort even when sitting all day.

Other popular home office chairs

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