Comprehensive seating solutions for any type of workplace

We design and produce seating furniture for a large portfolio of situations which are connected with a common purpose: Desire to spend time in a great environment that unlocks people's full potential.

Office Chairs

Comfortable chairs for everyday use without back strain

Ergonomic swivel chairs are a great choice if you want to stay productive and engaged at your desk all day without putting unnecessary strain on your neck and back. They provide freedom of movement when working at your desk and allow individual adjustment to suit your needs.

24/7 Chairs

Extremely durable seating for round-the-clock workplaces

24-hour chairs represent the most comfortable seating solution for workers in round the clock operations characterized by a very demanding setting. Built for intensive use, these heavy duty chairs are an ideal choice for call centers and dispatch centers where proper ergonomics and comfort are of utmost importance.

Kids Chairs

Ergonomic and fully adjustable chairs that grow with your kids

As children grow, the furniture needs to grow with them to adapt to their individual needs. Growing chairs not only promote concentration and eliminate tiredness, but above all they allow children to adopt a correct sitting position, which is essential for maintaining good posture and a healthy back and spine.

Meeting Room Chairs

Modern and comfortable seating for your visitors and guests

Conference chairs find their best use in boardrooms, conference halls, waiting areas and a variety of other commercial applications. They suitably complement the corporate look of business premises and, thanks to high-quality and durable filling materials, they hold their shape and do not wear out easily.

Home Office

Productive and joyful work from the comfort of your own home

The right office chair is an important part of your home office equipment. It should meet demanding ergonomic seating requirements, but also be a natural and integral part of your home workplace. That’s why our home office chairs are not only stylish, but also sufficiently durable and, above all, provide much-needed support during a day’s work at the computer.

Medicine and Nursing

Comfortable and functional seating for medical and nursing staff 

Special chairs for the healthcare sector are most often used in doctors’ offices, waiting rooms of healthcare facilities, as well as in reception areas. They are subject to very similar requirements as office chairs, but they must also meet strict hygiene requirements, especially in terms of sanitary care and maintenance.

Industrial Seating

Quality seating for the specific needs of diverse workplaces

Comfort at work is important for everyone. Our portfolio therefore includes not only ergonomic office seating, but also a range of work chairs for special applications. Our chairsmeet the demanding requirements of special working environments. 

Custom Design Seating

Custom-made seating furniture tailored exactly to your requirements

We have extensive experience in tailor-made solutions and can respond to special requirements for the design and performance of our chairs. Choose your own upholstery, color combinations or place your company logo on our products – with a tailor-made solution, our chairs fit perfectly into any company interior.  

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