Versatile and convenient, the lightweight folding chair offers quick mobility without compromising on comfort


Intended Use

Lightweight and durable folding chair with anodised aluminium frame and plastic details. Folded in a minimum space of 35 mm for easy transport a storage and suitable for indoors and outdoors. Optional accessories include: wall hook (for 4 chairs), transport trolley for 7 chairs or for 14 chairs.

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weight 4,5 kg
seat width 36,5 cm
total width 43,5 cm
chair depth 48 cm unfolded, 3,5 cm folded
seat height 45 cm
total height 78 cm unfolded, 90 cm folded
minimum order 1

Equipment & Downloads

Functional components

Choose components to meet your prefered seating style and feature requirements.

Comfort accessories

Wall hook (for 4 chairs)
Transport trolley (for 7 chairs)
Transport trolley (for 14 chairs)

Files to download

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3D Models

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