Universal children's chair in six different sizes for easy maintenance and handling


Intended Use

A sturdy stackable plastic children’s chair designed for kindergartens as well as for home environments. Available in six seat heights and a range of cheerful colours.


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Design Features

The shell is made of durable plastic for easy maintenance and has a hole in the backrest for comfortable handling

Available in 6 seat heights: HELENE Piccola: 26 cm, 30 cm, 34 cm, HELENE Media: 38 cm, 42 cm, 46 cm (seat height for adults)

Stackable chrome-plated frame made of high resistant round metal tube (Ø 18 mm) electro welded and cold formed


HELENE Piccola

Seat width 31 cm
Chair width 37 cm
Seat height 26 - 30 - 34 cm
Seat depth 28 cm
Chair depth 39 cm
Chair height 52 - 56 - 60 cm
Stackability 10 pcs
Weight 1,7 - 2,0 - 2,3 kg
Weight capacity 80 kg


Seat width 35 cm
Chair width 44 cm
Seat height 38 - 42 - 46 cm
Seat depth 32 cm
Chair depth 48 cm
Chair height 70 - 74 - 78 cm
Stackability 10 pcs
Weight 2,8 - 3,1 - 3,4 kg
Weight capacity 110 kg

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The HELENE series is awarded a number of different certificates certifying quality, material composition and other parameters. Contact us for the specific certificate you need.