Home Office Chairs

The right office chair is an important part of your home office equipment. It should meet demanding ergonomic seating requirements, but also be a natural and integral part of your home workplace. That's why our home office chairs are not only stylish, but also sufficiently durable and, above all, provide much-needed support during a day's work at the computer.


A trusted classic our customers can always rely on


A highly refined design piece created for elegant office environments or a stylish home office


For dynamic work with a fun factor: the sit-stand stool keeps you active while you work


A practical and compact office chair for small office spaces

LILLY Office

Combines the natural charm of wood and the classic shape of a shell chair for any modern workplace


The modern upholstered office chair with height-adjustable backrest offers a smart solution for various workplaces


Popular essential office chair with an eye-catching design


Comfortable, fully upholstered office chair with padded armrests and eye-catching two-tone design


Back-friendly and timeless office chair for long-term comfort in the company office or at your home


Medical stool for healthcare professionals supports a back-friendly and ergonomic working posture


With a variety of configuration and adjustment options, the swivel stool can be individually adapted to any person and workplace situation