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Chair upholstery plays more than just an aesthetic role. In fact, it can significantly affect the overall comfort of the seating experience and significantly increase the lifespan of the chair. We therefore carefully select upholstery materials and evaluate their composition and characteristics for specific applications in practice.

For the upholstery of our chairs we offer a really wide range of certified materials of different designs and colors, but above all with different functional parameters that define the suitability of the chair for a specific purpose. The composition of the fabric determines its degree of resistance to abrasion, colour fastness, breathability, strength or even flexibility, as well as the way it is maintained.

The vast majority of the materials in the ALBA range are certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which confirms their safety and integrity at all stages of processing.

We are here to help you choose the best material for your chair

We know very well that choosing the right upholstery can be tricky without a bit of experience. Materials differ in many parameters, so choosing a fabric for a chair in an office will be quite different from choosing one for a healthcare facility or, for example, demanding shift operations or a hotel lobby. So which characteristics are important when it comes to fabrics?

How long will the chair upholstery last? Check the abrasion resistance of the fabric

The constant sitting down and getting up from the chair, as well as changing positions while sitting, causes repeated friction between the clothes and the surface of the seat or backrest. The better the quality of the upholstery material, the longer it can withstand these abrasions in practice. The fabrics in our range are therefore marked with a degree of abrasion resistance.

The degree of resistance is expressed in terms of Martindale cycles, whereby the higher the number of cycles a fabric receives in tests, the better quality and more resistant it is. Most of the fabrics we use to upholster our chairs have a Martindale of at least 100,000 cycles, making them suitable for very demanding environments.

What is the Martindale abrasion test? 

It is a standardised method used to test the mechanical abrasion resistance of textiles. The tested fabric is inserted stretched into a Martindale machine in which it is rubbed by a felt disc which applies rotation and pressure to the surface of the fabric.

15 000 – 30 000 cycles: sufficient resistance for household furniture 

30 000 – 60 000 cycles: furniture for commercial spaces such as restaurants or hotels

100 000 and more cycles: high load furniture for locations with heavy people rotation or demanding operations 

Light and friction cause the fabrics to fade. High color fastness protects the color shade


We approach the production of ALBA chairs with great care so that they not only serve our customers well for many years, but also look great. Therefore, we carefully attend to all phases from the design to the actual production, including the upholstery. For the upholstery of ALBA chairs we offer a really wide selection of colorfast materials.

The color fastness of fabrics to light is rated on a scale of 1 to 8 according to ISO 105 – B02:1999 and the effect of the artificial light source on the material is evaluated. The vast majority of the fabrics we offer reach a color fastness value of 5 or 6, indicating highly durable fabrics suitable for areas with a large amount of daylight.

From textured fabrics and smooth suede finishes to premium leather

With a wide selection of certified, safe and highly durable fabrics, we satisfy the diverse and often demanding tastes of our customers. We offer not only a range of polyester fibre textiles (some with a cotton blend), but also PVC, PES (leatherette) and, for the most demanding customers, premium leather.

Our selection of fabrics not only reflects current interior trends, but also responds to different customer expectations and needs. That’s why our swatches includes classic plain fabrics, but also materials with a distinctive texture or soft and very pleasant to touch suede finishes. We can also offer surfaces with water-repellent, anti-allergenic, virucidal or special bacteriostatic treatments to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses.

Unbeatably durable polyester in many attractive patterns

The outsanding feature of polyester fabrics is especially the easy maintenance and really high color fastness. In addition, polyester is strong, flexible and some versions can be self-supporting, so in practice it wrinkles less and retains its shape even under long-term and demanding use. The choice of design is most often a matter of individual preference.

PVC offers the luxurious look of leather at a fraction of the price

High quality PVC leatherette is a great choice for medical facilities. In addition to the lower purchase cost compared to leather, the main advantages are easy hygienic maintenance, partial water resistance and a special anti-static surface treatment that increases resistance to biological contamination.

Leather adds elegance and style for years to come

Premium leather provides incredibly high comfort when sitting, which increases over time as it softens. With age, the leather also develops a unique patina, which gives it a unique look and makes it a classy material not only for the office. Thanks to its easy maintenance, it can also be used in places with a lot of traffic or in homes with children.

We can handle even extraodrinary requests

We know that sometimes even the widest range of materials may not be enough. Does your business need a unique colour combination for your upholstery? Or do you have a completely different idea for a material that you didn’t find in our range? Contact us and we will work with our extensive network of suppliers to find the most suitable solution for you.