Provide comfort and determine the lifespan of each chair

We are committed to making sure that you sit as comfortably as possible on our chairs. That's why we use the highest quality and certified components to manufacture them, which also guarantees that our chairs will serve you for many years.

And upholstery fillings are no exception. We use three types of fillings with different properties to manufacture ALBA chairs that are suitable for different purposes. Depending on whether you sit on the chair in the office, at home, in the doctor’s office or in a dispatch centre, we use polyurethane, injected or cold foam as the upholstery fillings.

Injected foam

For the production of our premium chairs, we use injection molded foam parts, which we manufacture using special technology in our production plant in Ostrava. During production, the polyurethane mixture is injected into closed aluminium molds, where it is then thermally hardened. Thanks to this process, we can produce precisely shaped seats, backrests or headrests.

Ergonomic shaping promotes healthy posture by providing better support for the coccyx area and lumbar spine. The high density of the resulting material also ensures that the parts are dimensionally very stable and durable. Thanks to their dimensional stability, they do not sag and can be upholstered with decorative seams.

Because each piece is molded individually, the structure of the fine air channels remains intact and the high breathability is maintained. The biggest advantages of injection moulded foam are therefore very good support, breathability and durability.

Polyurethane foam

This most commonly used filling material is usually referred to as foam. It is air permeable, dimensionally stable and durable. In addition, the process of manufacturing PUR foams has undergone a number of innovations in recent years that guarantee higher quality, more durable and safe products.

ALBA purchases high quality foam from proven Czech and German manufacturers in whole blocks, from which the parts are then automatically or manually cut into the required shapes. Office chairs made from foam cuttings are characterized by high durability and seating comfort.

The technical characteristics of each type of foam are determined by their density weight and firmness. Longer durability and higher resistance to sagging are ensured by a higher weight, which makes the foam denser. The less dense, softer foam is usually used in the backrest to increase comfort. In contrast, the foam of high grammage and firmness is used for the upholstery of heavily used seats.

Cold foam

The last type of foam is the so-called cold foam or HR foam (High Resilience), which excels in comfort and durability. It is a high quality, durable foam with open pores that make the upholstery more breatheable and heat dissipating.

Once compressed, it returns to its original shape very quickly, even after several years of use. We source this type of foam from a top manufacturer in Germany and use it in combination with other foams for special custom made and some 24/7 chairs that are designed for heavy duty use.