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What is ALBA Configurator

The configurator represents a breakthrough in the personalization of seating furniture and streamlines the preparation of business proposals. It was specially designed for companies that sell ALBA seating furniture. These include interior design firms, furniture manufacturers, project and architectural offices, interior design studios, e-shops, and others.

This innovative tool allows you to customize chairs to perfectly meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of your customers. It also offers a range of invaluable features that optimise and streamline your sales process – from initial configuration to business proposal and final order.

Customise seating furniture for specific projects

Create offers and product sheets with a single click

Speed up and streamline the business process

How the ALBA Configurator facilitates your business operations

Our configuration tool significantly changes the way seating furniture is sold. It allows you to quickly create product sheets, prepare customized offers, and export configured chairs to OBJ format for use in 3D programs. You can easily share an online link with customers featuring an interactive 3D model that they can view from all angles.

Try ALBA Configurator

You need login credentials to access the configurator. If you don’t have them, contact us and we will be happy to assist you with registration.

With the configurator integrated into the ALBA ERP system, all configurations are not only technically feasible but also price-transparent with an accurate calculation of the configured chair. Selected chairs can be immediately sent to production, and the entire process from selection to delivery is significantly quicker and easier.

Choose a chair model from our range to configure.

Select the desired components, accessories, materials and colours.

Create your order or a quotation and product data sheets with a few clicks.

Maximise your business opportunities with ALBA Configurator

Personalised solutions for every project

With the ALBA Configurator, you can easily adjust the chairs to the specific specifications of your project. You can thus not only fully meet the individual needs of your customers, but also adapt the appearance of the seating to the character of each work space.

Innovative approach to sales 

The ALBA Configurator elevates your sales process by allowing you to present products innovatively using 3D visualization. Generate a professionally branded product sheet for the newly customized chair, featuring your company logo, configuration details, chair parameters, materials, and accessories. This personalized document accelerates the sales process and enhances your sales team’s efficiency.

See an example of a product data sheet

Easy and efficient preparation of offers

With our chair configuration tool, you can create personalized, interactive offers with precise pricing and technical specifications for each configured chair. This process saves you time and ensures the accuracy of your offers, allowing you to respond to customer inquiries quickly and professionally.

The configurator serves as a centralised hub for all your client offers, providing a clear overview and efficient management of the sales process. This level of organization and accessibility enables you to deliver exceptional service to your clients and drive business growth.

Increasing competitiveness

Use ALBA Configurator as a tool to increase your competitiveness and strengthen your market position. By offering tailor-made solutions and the ability to respond quickly to market demands, you will attract more customers and strengthen your position in the competitive environment.

Key ALBA Configurator steps

Individual design

With the ALBA Configurator, you can customise chairs to suit your customers' needs and perfectly match the design of their workspace. Choose from a wide range of materials, colours and styles to create unique products with attractive designs.

Seating comfort

An important aspect of the configuration is seating comfort. Our chairs are designed to encourage proper posture and mitigate health issues associated with prolonged sitting. However, the configurator also enables the addition of other components, such as headrests or various types of armrests.

Optional Features

The configuration tool offers a wide range of optional features. You can choose from various types of mechanisms, bases or castors. This allows you to customize each chair to the specific needs and preferences of your customers.

Final price

The configurator provides instant pricing information for your selected configuration, allowing you to effectively manage your budget and offer competitive prices. Thanks to the integrated pricing system, you can easily adjust the displayed prices to match your business objectives and current market needs.

Explore the wide possibilities of ALBA Configurator

Illustrative videos introduce you to the rich features and capabilities of our tool. See how you can use it in practice to maximise your business potential.

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